Mariko Ogawa

her ghosts book 3
first edition of 200
150 x 215 mm, 48 pages, full colour, softcover, special paper

edited and designed by tinkle and gu fan
published by good morning light

released : may 2010

Mariko Ogawa is from Japan and have been living in Paris for 7 years.
Currently, she is also writing a Science Fiction and she has 3 movies
to make with her friend Andy Bolus. They are gonna be Jesus Franco
style horror movies.
Pluto is a book of Mriko Ogawa’s photographs.


小川万里子和她的朋友Andy Bolus拍摄了三部电影,她称它们为“具有欧洲cult片耶稣之称的Jesus Franco恐怖风格”的作品。



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