by Zheng Yaohua

first edition of 400
14 x 20 cm , 52 pages , full colour , softcover , matt art paper

edited and designed by tinkle and gu fan
published by good morning light

released : dec. 2009

A Sleepwalking through New York City

It’s beginning in a subway train. Through the window, the city is moving ahead flat and softly. People on the street are slowly falling asleep. Those strange white houses, the unmelting snow balls are glittering in the sun.

Turning the corner, a crowed of hurrying angels are with their journey passing you by. Where they pass through, flowers falling silently.

The entrance leads you to the underground. City disappears.
The roar of the speeding train blowing your hair up. A mysterious lady is in front of you, with a smile on her face like a serect behind it.

Along her hint, you are chasing the time. Before sunset, you wake up in the call of the sea.